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New Feature Release for Blue Bison HR Manager

[if !supportLists]With the latest release of Blue Bison HR Manger 5.x user can no enjoy the following features and enhancements·

[endif]Automatic Electronic Document Generation

[if !supportLists]o [endif]Support for new and latest (2016) Cayman Immigration forms

[if !supportLists]o [endif]Support for user-editable company document templates (company job-letters, reference letters etc.)

[if !supportLists]· [endif]Employee self-service portal improvements

[if !supportLists]o [endif]Automated Leave Request Workflow – employees can now log on to self-service and initiate a vacation request workflow which can be reviewed by up to two line managers and/or HR manager.

[if !supportLists]· [endif]Payroll improvements

[if !supportLists]o [endif]Support for complex on-the-fly calculations based on a flexible formula for Deduction and Employer contribution categories (e.g. Life insurance calculation based on age of employee and salary etc.)

[if !supportLists]o [endif]Direct deposits to banks – support for ACH format, multiple bank branches

[if !supportLists]o [endif]Better currency support - payroll steps honor base currency and Employee payment currency setting

[if !supportLists]o [endif]Shorter payroll processing times with improved UI and user experience for payroll steps

[if !supportLists]o [endif]Updated Chamber of Commerce pension report export

[if !supportLists]o [endif]Support for Pay-split by percentage

[if !supportLists]· [endif]Health insurance

[if !supportLists]o [endif]Make Premium types and categories user-editable

[if !supportLists]o [endif]Added support for additional health insurance deductions

[if !supportLists]· [endif]Other

[if !supportLists]o [endif]Multi-currency and jurisdiction support (including Bahamas and Bermuda)

[if !supportLists]o [endif]New module (separately licensed) for Bulk data import (New Employee & Payroll)

[if !supportLists]o [endif]Support for default values for mandatory fields in the employee setup wizard

[if !supportLists]o [endif]Attendance improvements including editable work-days for leave request

[if !supportLists]o [endif]Better Help documentation coverage, quick start guides available

[if !supportLists]o [endif]Improved Training workflow – automatically schedule leave based on training session booked.

[if !supportLists]o [endif]Automated Reminders – improved email handling

Early in the New Year we will be running a number of free “lunch & Learn” workshops to show you these and other some features that you may not be aware of that could help you in your day to day use HR Manager. For more information please contact Graham Pearson

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