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Products & Partners

Blue Bison Software

Blue Bison is a leading provider of HR/Payroll Software in the region, with more than 7,500 employees being administered each month with Blue Bison.  Also, Blue Bison has a portfolio of software solutions to meet the need for KYC/AML and Company Management.

As a Microsoft Development Partner, we build our own Blue Bison products utilizing the Microsoft tools. Also we provide the option to host our solutions on the Microsoft Azure platform for North American and European clients that require on-shore hosting.


CaelumOne is an ultra-secure cloud based Cloud based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Document Management (DM) Software solution unlike any other. The name comes from the Latin word “Caelum” which means “Vault in the Heavens.” CaelumOne allows users to access and naturally search all document content indexed and published in the system using any standard web browser. The solution can also allow a user to link multiple published documents, images and secure video streams together to create a Virtual File that can then be sent securely

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