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Don't Get Left Behind - Prioritise Data Regulation Improvement.

"Complexity wrought by increasing investment activity in non-traditional assets and markets coupled with a growing body of legislation are leading firms to increase their focus on good data governance.” (FTSE Global Markets)

Regulation requirements may have you re-evaluating all aspects of your business processes and controls. During this time, it is essential that internal data regulation is not overlooked. Ensuring your computer systems are providing you with sound data quality and management to meet growing data complexities, will provide you with peace of mind and allow data users time to focus on growing profits instead of back-stepping to check if compliance requirements have been met. FTSE Global Markets talks more on the importance of data regulation in their article 'Is data governance a vital element in effective investment?' - follow the link below:

According to RIMES survey, “firms are now prioritising data governance in their organization (63% in 2016 versus 58% last year)” (FTSE Global Markets). Don’t get left behind - with the help of Paragon GRC Solutions, we can provide you with reliable systems to help you manage complex data and meet regulatory requirements. Data regulation does not have to be so daunting. Contact us for more information.

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